Czech Journal of Political Science

Current issue
  • Published 30.6.2017
  • Volume 2017
  • ISSN PRINT 1211-3247
  • ISSN ONLINE 1805-9503


  • New Political Entrepreneurs in Poland

    Beata Kosowska-Gąstoł, Katarzyna Sobolewska-Myślik
  • Different Ways of Institutionalising Entrepreneurial Parties: Czech Public Affairs Party and ANO

    Vít Hloušek, Lubomír Kopeček
  • From TV to Parliament: The Successful Birth and Progressive Death of a Personal Party. The Case of the People’s Party Dan Diaconescu

    Sergiu Gherghina, Sorina Soare
  • A Hint at Entrepreneurial Parties? The Case of Four New Successful Parties in Slovenia

    Alenka Krašovec
  • Career Backgrounds, Professional Network and Party Cohesion: The Success of ANO in the Czech Republic

    Tomáš Cirhan, Petr Kopecký
  • Entrepreneurial Parties: A Basic Conceptual Framework

    Vít Hloušek, Lubomír Kopeček
  • Political Entrepreneurs as a Challenge for the Party System in Slovakia

    Juraj Marušiak