Archive 3/2013


  • Conceptualising the Clientelistic Party: The Case Study of the Czech Republic

    Michal Klíma


  • Implementation of the EU Environmental Policy in the Czech Republic: Problems with Law Compliance?

    Michael J. Baun, Dan Marek
  • Comparison of the West European Regional Second Chambers and Alternatives of Regionalization of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

    Filip Murár
  • From Štúr to Parasites: Thematic Adaptation of the Far Right in Slovak Parliamentary Elections

    Alena Kluknavská
  • Panebianco’s Organizational Model and its Applicability on the Transformation of Communist Parties in the West Europe

    Martin Mejstřík
  • The Issue of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant Completion in the Czech Political and Public Discourse

    Lukáš Tichý


  • Catholic Faith as an Identification Symbol in Contemporary Europe

    Anna Matušinová, Petr Fiala