Archive 4/2013


  • Public Affairs in the Czech Republic: The Current State of Field

    Denisa Kasl Kollmannová, Anna Matušková
  • Strategic and Market-Oriented Approaches to Energy Policy in Policy Documents of the Czech Republic and European Union

    Martin Jirušek, Filip Černoch
  • New Media as a Tool of Political Campaigns in the Czech Republic: A Case Study of the 2012 Regional Council and Senate Elections

    Alena Macková, Marta Fialová, Václav Štětka
  • The Dynamics of Pre-electoral Issues and Policy Space Transformation in Slovakia: Can Two Years Change Anything?

    Roman Chytilek, Miroslav Nemčok
  • Contemporary Extremism Research in Germany and its Central European Impact

    Miroslav Mareš
  • Why are Women Underrepresented in Czech Politics? An Analysis of Candidate Lists and Voting Behavior in the Olomouc Region

    Karel Kouba, Marie Nálepová, Ondřej Filipec
  • Issues and Tonality of Václav Klaus’ Public Speeches

    Otto Eibl, Miloš Gregor, Alena Macková
  • Formal Powers of Current European Monarchs and their Actual Use

    Jan Kozubík, Roman Chytilek