Archive 2/2016


  • Populism: Ideology, Political Style, Mentality?

    Marco Tarchi
  • The Radical Right and Religious Discourse. The Golden Dawn, the Lega Nord and the Sweden Democrats Compared

    Maria Grazia Martino, Konstantinos Papastathis
  • Theorizing the New Populism in Eastern Europe: A Look at Bulgaria

    Emilia Zankina
  • Editorial: Current Populism in Europe

    Vlastimil Havlík, Martin Mejstřík
  • Populism and Progressive Social Movements in Macedonia: From Rhetorical Trap to Discursive Asset

    Ljupcho Petkovski, Dimitar Nikolovski
  • Is the Alternative for Germany Really Right-Wing Populist?

    Tanja Wolf
  • Spaces of Right-Wing Populism and Anti-Muslim Racism in Austria. Identitarian Movement, Civil Initiatives and the Fight against ‘Islamisation’

    Edma Ajanovic, Stefanie Mayer, Birgit Sauer