Archive 2/2020


  • Civil Society Trajectories in CEE: Post-Communist ‘Weakness’ or Differences in Difficult Times?

    Jiří Navrátil and Alena Kluknavská
  • Strategies for Survival: Human Rights Organizations’ Responses to the Closing of Political Opportunity Structures in Hungary

    Márton Gerő, Pál Susánszky, Ákos Kopper, Gergely Tóth
  • Claims-making and Morality: The Case of Hungarian Solidarity Movements

    Dániel Mikecz
  • Civic Organization beyond the ‘Open Society’ Battle: Cases from Hungary

    Ágnes Gagyi, Márton Szarvas, András Vígvári
  • A New Model of Corporatism in States Governed by Populist Political Parties: The Cases of Poland and Hungary

    Maciej Olejnik
  • Civil Society in Illiberal Democracy: The Case of Poland

    Grzegorz Piotrowski