Archive 3/2020


  • The 2020 Parliamentary Elections in Slovakia. Steadily Turbulent Change of Direction

    Vlastimil Havlík, Miroslav Nemčok, Peter Spáč, Jozef Zagrapan
  • Slovakia after Fico: Systemic Change or More of the Same?

    Michael Rossi
  • ‘The Slovakebab’: Anti-Islam Agenda in Slovak Parliamentary Elections and Beyond

    Michaela Grančayová and Aliaksei Kazharski
  • Mapping the 2020 Slovak Parliamentary Election. Analysis of Spatial Support and Voter Transition

    Jakub Lysek, Ľubomír Zvada, Michal Škop
  • The Role of Incumbency, Ethnicity, and New Parties in Electoral Volatility in Slovakia

    Lukáš Linek and Oľga Gyárfášová
  • Radical Party Politics and Mobilization Against It in the Slovak Parliamentary Elections 2020

    Oľga Gyárfášová and Peter Učeň
  • It’s My Generation, Baby! How Different Are (New) Parties in Slovakia in Terms of Descriptive Representation?

    Elisabeth Bakke
  • Big Debate, Small Effect: Impact of Televised Political Debates in Slovak Parliamentary Elections 2020

    Aneta Világi and Pavol Baboš
  • Slovakia’s Oversized Cabinet after the 2020 Parliamentary Elections: Barrier against Extremism Vol. II, or Protection of Its Own Stability?

    Petr Just