Archive 1/2021


  • Equal Respect, Liberty, and Civic Friendship. Why Liberal Public Justification Needs a Dual Understanding of Reciprocity

    Sylvie Bláhová and Pavel Dufek
  • Three-Fold Gap: Researching Constitutional Conventions in the Czech Republic. A review article

    Miloš Brunclík
  • ‘Slovak, not Brussels Social Democracy’. Europeanization/De-Europeanization and the Ideological Development of Smer-SD Before 2020 Parliamentary Elections in Slovakia

    Juraj Marušiak
  • Ready to React: Contextualizing the Visegrad Group’s Energy Cooperation

    Jan Osička, Filip Černoch, Lukáš Lehotský, Colin Kimbrell, Veronika Zapletalová
  • From Decentring Agenda to Decentring Application. An Illustrative Case of Decentring the EU’s Human Rights and Democracy Country Strategies

    Patrik Taufar