Archive 2/2022


  • Europeanization of Public Policy in Hungary: An Empirical Resear

    András Bíró-Nagy and Gergely Laki
  • Freedom, Resentment and Anger: Emotions in Political Societies

    Matej Cíbik
  • Stuck in the ‘Grey Zone’: fsQCA of Post-Communist Semi-Democracies

    Zachary Kramer
  • A New Chapter in the Evolution of Right-wing Populist Electoral Winning Formulas. The Implementation and Impact of Portfolio Diversification in Austria

    David M. Wineroither and Gilg U.H. Seeber
  • Populist Conspiracy Theories in the 2016 US Presidential Election. A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Conspiratorial Demonization

    Patrick Sawyer