Archive 3/2022


  • The Czech 2021 General Election and its Impact on the Party System

    Vlastimil Havlík and Jakub Lysek
  • Populist Narratives in the Czech 2021 General Elections: ‘Hero Fights, Ruler Protects?’ The Linkage between Brand Archetypes and Populist Narratives

    Daniela Ostrá
  • Continuity in Discontinuity? Spatial Patterns of Electoral Behaviour in the 2021 Czech Parliamentary Elections

    Jakub Lysek and Karel Macků
  • Economic and Pandemic Performance Voting in the 2021 Czech National Election

    Lukáš Linek and Michael Škvrňák
  • Preferential Voting in the Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic

    Gor Vartazaryan and Oliver Škultéty
  • When Preferential Voting Really Matters: Explaining the Surprising Results of Parties in Electoral Coalitions

    Stanislav Balík and Jan Hruška
  • Who Favours Men in Flexible-List PR Systems? An Analysis of Preferential Voting in the Czech Republic

    Zuzana Haase Formánková, Miroslav Líbal, Jan Oreský
  • New, but Not More Diverse? The Effect of New Parties on the Social Bias of the Czech Parliamentary Elite since 2010

    Elisabeth Bakke